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Progress Update

March 30, 2009

So…went to Lowe’s (again) and got some MDF  – medium density fibreboard. My plywood had warped, and I wasn’t particularly enthusiastic about h0w the box was turning out. Great guy at Lowe’s, cut my wood perfectly and now it just has to be screwed on.

LCD monitor is a massive pain; there are these little tabs that I’m apparently supposed to pull out to detach the metal frame from the matrix, no luck. Screwdrivers are to be avoided as they could easily puncture the underlying ribbon cable.

Just a quick update; not too much action as I’m occupied with other projects.



December 21, 2008

Haven’t posted in a couple of weeks…lots of action on the multitouch front, and not.

My monitor came in the mail. I started to disassemble it – just unscrewed a couple of screws and started to pry off the casing. I was talking to someone [Bridger Maxwell] about the monitor disassembly, and he told me that it was  a good idea to have your table and monitor mount 100% ready when you disassemble, so you can plant the monitor in its spot and never touch it again – the more you move it, the more likely you are to get dead lines/pixels, or break it.

So, I’ve been making sketchup models of what my box is going to look like – I’m going with a wooden frame, covered with MDF. One of my friends gave me a great idea regarding how to mount the LCD:ideaoverlay . That’s a very rough sketch, but you get the idea – I was going to use a dremel, etc., but this is so much simpler – the bottom piece would obviously be much smaller than the pic, of course.

I’ve done a bunch of sketchup models, for the various possibilities – 3/4″ thick wood, 1/2″ thick wood, with a lower frame, without a lower frame…here are all of them, from rapidshare [[UPDATE: NEW LINKS]]:

It’s winter break right now, so I’m hoping I get a chance to go to Home Depot/Lowe’s and pick up some wood. Itching to take my monitor apart 🙂

Getting a monitor!

December 2, 2008

Just won a monitor off of eBay! Yay!

Its the Acer AL1916W (19″) – nice discount, too. Much thanks to Bridger Maxwell for recommendation ( Can’t wait for it to come so I can RIP IT APART!

Yes! Will definitely post full disassembly pics when it comes in the mail.

Any advice on taking apart LCDs would be welcome and much appreciated (so I don’t kill it…)!


MT Update

September 14, 2008

As I said previously, I’ve been playing around with lighting for my MTmini…angled light=bad shadows, too much light=washed out, not enough light=no blobs…I found that using lights that are angled upwards and reflect off the ceiling tend to work the best-fairly bright lights, but angled completely away from the device. Shining light directly down upon it doesn’t work too badly either, but like angled lights, your entire finger (as opposed to just your fingertips), are shadowed more than if indirect lights were used. SmokeDemo works like a charm for me now, nice accurate smokes.

Of course, with a larger scale setup, lights would need to be inside the actual device, for Rear DI and FTIR.

I found some nice LCD schematics here: | How CRT and LCD monitors work and here: 8512143_LCD_Disassembly_Gde.pdf (application/pdf Object) . Coupled with some guidance I found on several blogs, I think I have enough info on disassembling my LCD monitor, which I should be able to start taking apart shortly. I will most probably be using an old Sony LCD monitor, specifically the SDM-S81 (18″). It is partially working…its having some issues…it blinks off and on every minute or two, but for now, that’s not a problem.