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Webcam Disassembly & Modification

May 4, 2009

So I finally diassembled my Logitech webcam. Their naming drives me nuts, so I’ll just post pics and leave it to all of you to see if its the same as your’s 🙂

As you can see in the pic of the two hemispheres, I had to use a screwdriver (tiny flathead one) to snap the plastic band holding the two hemispheres together. Then, there were two bars connecting the two hemispheres at opposite sides, and I used big wire-cutters to break it. The plastic casing fell off at this point and I was left with the circuit board attached to the lens and the button at the top.

I got the lens and its casing apart from the circuit board very easily, 2 little screws. Here’s the painful part: getting the glued IR filter off of the lens. I used an Exacto knife (thanks Taha) to scrape at the glass for 20 minutes…makes a horrible sound, but works pretty well. Once a good bit of the glass has been scraped off, you can get a screwdriver in there to pry the rest up – it first goes up vertically, and then it can be pulled out if you dig at it.