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Progress Update

March 30, 2009

So…went to Lowe’s (again) and got some MDF  – medium density fibreboard. My plywood had warped, and I wasn’t particularly enthusiastic about h0w the box was turning out. Great guy at Lowe’s, cut my wood perfectly and now it just has to be screwed on.

LCD monitor is a massive pain; there are these little tabs that I’m apparently supposed to pull out to detach the metal frame from the matrix, no luck. Screwdrivers are to be avoided as they could easily puncture the underlying ribbon cable.

Just a quick update; not too much action as I’m occupied with other projects.


LCD Disassembly pics! Finally!

March 10, 2009

So I’ve finally gotten around to taking some pictures of my disassembled LCD monitor. Removing the plastic case took forever…every little plastic snap had to be removed. Needless to say I was quite relieved when I plugged it in after removing the case and it still worked smile

I have a problem though…I’ve removed the case and such, but I’m not sure where to go from here. There are various ribbon cables attached to a large central box in the middle as you can see in my pics, but what do I remove? There are screws holding down that central box that I removed, but I was still unable to pull the box out. I think its secured to a side steel panel, also in my pics. Where do I disconnect the ribbon cables from?

I’ve gotten it to a stage where I can see the guts, but I don’t know what to do with them.

Anyways, hope you enjoy and make use of the pics…once someone helps me out with what to do from here I’ll put up the final pics of disassembly.


Back after a while…

March 9, 2009

Hi guys…
Haven’t posted in a while…heard people were actually looking at this so I figured I should post an update. I’ve partially disassembled my Acer AL1916W monitor, and I’m taking pics that should be up very shortly. I’ve nearly finished constructing my table’s body – legs and walls are done; just the top part that will hold the monitor itself to go.

I’ve planned out my monitor-holding design, so that’s good to go. I’m doing some other MT stuff right now – namely playing around with editing a book to help people get started with multitouch. Using InDesign CS4…trying to find my way around.

Just wanted to throw up a quick update 🙂