All right…now that I have hardware that works (to some degree, anyways), I am focusing on the software side of things. The language that I first settled on learning and using to program multi touch applications was ActionScript 3.0, and I started reading up on it and reading tutorials. This wasn’t working out too well for me for a variety of reasons, namely that I couldn’t get Flash Develop (I refuse to spend $500 for Flash CS3, or any software, for that matter) to run successfully on my computer.

So, I started looking into C++, and I found several IDEs which worked on my computer and were nice to use. I grabbed a copy of C++ for Dummies (Stephen Davis, 5th edition), and started reading. It is a well written book, but not without its errors, some of which are acknowledged on the author’s website errata page. I have programmed in BASIC before, so some of reading I did in the early chapters was familiar to me and easy to understand. I am chugging along in the book-haven’t reached graphical object oriented programming yet, but I am getting there.

The two IDEs which I liked best were Dev-C++ (Bloodshed, recommended by Davis in C++ for Dummies) and Microsoft Visual C++ Express 2008. Both have their upsides and downsides-Dev C++ seems to be a more lightweight, easy to use environment, but Visual C++ is more polished. Anyways, I am working with both of them, but primarily Dev-C++. While the last release of this software was in 2005, this doesn’t seem to be a problem for me.

Some screenshots of the two:

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